My name is John Taylor. I am a retired pediatrician and epidemiologist with an on again, off again interest in photography. For the last 15 years or so, I have found the hobby provides endless fascination. Looking back at older images brings back memories of experiences long past -- most pleasant, others not so much. Going out today, the camera helps me to better see what is around me, linking mind and heart to appreciate our world.

east | west | light is my first attempt to assemble a web site. The process has been interesting but has also been a lot of work. To scan old film, to edit hundreds of photos, to organize all into a coherent whole, and to make it all work on an online platform has been a considerable challenge. The site is a work in progress and I hope it will steadily grow. If you find the site interesting, I hope you will tell your friends, bookmark it for yourself, and return often. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Why bother doing it at all?  The stimulus for me was an extension of the effort needed to prepare an image collection for donation to The Vietnam Center and Archive at Texas Tech University. This collection can be found here in the East galleries entitled: Kontum, South Vietnam 1971-1973. As preparation continued, it occurred to me that there may be wider interest in this and later work.

What will you find here?  More information is provided as you go deeper. The work is broadly divided into three areas:

     • East galleries – images from travel in Southeast Asia, past and present

     • West galleries – images from travel throughout the American West

     • Light galleries – images on special topics of photographic interest

The perfect can be the enemy of the good. Although several of these photos have received international awards and a number are in public or private collections, many are obviously of lower technical quality. Despite their flaws, they are included because they may bring back memories or document observations worth sharing. Many galleries are incomplete and will be built out over time.

Some images appear in more than one gallery. This redundancy is intentional, as one photo may be relevant to a variety of topics.

Many of these photos have been sold in the past, but this site is not intended for selling photos. Please feel free to share these images online for non-commercial purposes, properly attributed. If you are interested in prints or in some other use please contact me. All of the work is copyrighted. I hope you will respect these rights.

Contact:  info@eastwestlight.com

The small "breadcrumb" chain at upper left of most pages will tell you where you are. To navigate to a more central location, click on a node closer to the home icon. Click on a square image to navigate deeper. Right-facing triangles will start a slide show. Find related images by searching on keywords. Icons below full size images will allow comments or sharing with others.

Please enjoy!

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